ukelele Duplicate songs

Following is a list of duplicates among Club Songs. This does not address the duplicates in the club iPad, or the fact that many Club Songs are copies of songs in books 1, 2 and 3.
Indented songs have been removed from the primary song lists.
Outdented songs are the preferred copies, somewhat arbitrarily chosen. A reason may be added. Sometimes more than one version passes the preferred test. Your opinion matters.

Considerations for demoting a song to second class status, roughly in order of importance:

  • Not as readable when displayed on the projector screen, even if it is the prettiest.
  • Chords placed over the wrong words.
  • Flow of verses, chorus, repeated sections not clearly defined for first time viewer.
  • Relatively difficult chords. For experts, this may be a positive.
  • Spelling and grammar.
26 Miles [C] - same song, slightly different page layout
26 Miles not as crisp, but does have a YouTube link
Ain't Misbehavin' - C
Ain't Misbehavin' - difficult chords
Ain't She Sweet SC401
Ain't She Sweet
Ain't She Sweet_C - difficult chords
All My Life's a Circle
All My Life's a Circle (earlier format) - 2 pages
Baby Face 215
Baby Face
Blue Hawaii 2
Blue Hawaii - some chords over wrong words
Blue Skies - key of F
Blue Skies (2) - key of C
Blue Skies - key of C, chords in different positions
Brown Eyed Girl - key of F
Brown Eyed Girl - key of G
Brown Eyed Girl - different format, key of G
Brown Eyed Girl -1 - 2 pages
Bye Bye Love 224 - larger font
Bye Bye Love
Cabaret y1 - use of tacet phrases
Cabaret x
Can't Help Falling in Love
Can't Help Falling In Love 2 - smaller font, difficult chord changes
Cathy's Clown_F
Cathy's Clown_D
Cathy's Clown_D with suggested strum
Cathy's Clown_G
Cathy's Clown_C
City Of New Orleans 5 1 page
City Of New Orleans
City Of New Orleans - landscape
Could I Have This Dance - G - identifies chorus
Could I Have This Dance x
Country Roads [C]
Country Roads [G]
Country Roads C2
Country Roads [F] - hard to follow awkward layout
Country Roads [C] and [F] - 2 pages, 2 sets of chords
Country Roads y1
Daydream Believer
Daydream Believer (D)
Desperado 1
Desperado 2 - 2 pages
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Dream a Little Dream of Me - F - challenging chords, 2 formats on 2 pages
Dream Lover x
Dream Lover y1
Every Day - chords misaligned
Feelin' Groovy
Feelin' Groovy 2 - 2 pages, extra C G D G ?
Green Door
Green Door - change key 2nd time
Hello Mary Lou (A)
Hello Mary Lou
Hello Mary Lou (D)
Hukilau Song
Hukilau Song - landscape orientation
I Have A Dream - yi
I Have A Dream - x
If I Had a Hammer
If I Had A Hammer 2
I'll Never Find Another You
I'll Never Find Another You (F) "treasure" instead of "pleasure", chords not crisply aligned
I'll See You In My Dreams - both verses, challenging chords
I'll See You In My Dreams 2 - challenging chords
I'm An Old Cowhand - good
I'm An Old Cowhand - smaller font
I'm Into Something Good
I'm Into Something Good - small font
Island Style - F
Island Style
Istanbul Cm by The Four Lads on YouTube 1, YouTube 2
Istanbul Am by The Four Lads
Istanbul Fm by The Four Lads
It's A Heartache [F]
It's A Heartache
Jambalaya - F more readable
Jambalaya - key of C
Jingle Bells - C - more readable
Jingle Bells (revised) - key of G, 3 verses
Kamalani by Bruddah Iz - same lyrics, a few chord differences
King Of The Road 2 - Kate
King Of The Road
Koke'e **
Leaving On A Jet Plane x - John Denver
Leavin On A Jet Plane - John Denver - 3 pages
Like My Dog - incomplete
Like My Dog - lyrics only
L.O.V.E. in G
L.O.V.E. - 2 pages or 2 keys?
Lovely Hula Hands [C] and [D]
Lovely Hula Hands
Lovely Hula Hands [G]
Lucky Stars - 1 page
Lucky Stars (p1 of 2)
Lucky Stars (p2 of 2)
Mack The Knife - C
Mack The Knife
Mele Kalikimaka2 - C clear, alternate finish
Mele Kalikimaka - key of F, p 162
Mele Kalikimaka_C - key of C, easiest chords
Mele Kalikimaka y1 - misplaced chord
Mele Kalikimaka_F - has intro, poor copy of p 162
My Little Grass Shack - C - Kate
My Little Grass Shack
Puff The Magic Dragon
Puff_F - 2 pages
Puff_G - 2 pages
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Ragtime Cowboy Joe - chords shifted
Ragtime Cowboy Joe [Tab] (p1 of 2)
Ragtime Cowboy Joe [Tab] (p2 of 2)
Rawhide [Am]
Rawhide [Dm] Dm
Rawhide [Dm] - alt. version
Rawhide p 191
Red Wing
Red Wing [G]
Remember When The Music (1) (on one page)
Remember When The Music by Harry Chapin - YouTube 2 pages
Ripple by Jerry Garcia on YouTube
Ripple - alt. version
Ripple in C
Ripple With Intro
Rock Around the Clock - bigger font
Rock Around the Clock
Runaround Sue
Runaround Sue 2 - 2 pages
Runaround Sue - landscape, p21
Runaway (55)
Sea Cruise - 2 pages
Sea Cruise - F
Sea Of Love / Do You Wanna Dance x
Sea Of Love - Do You Wanna Dance y1 - extra choreography
Sentimental Journey - F verse layout and some chords differ from sheet music
Sentimental Journey x - chord placement and words differ from sheet music
Singing The Blues [D] - key of D, larger font
Singing The Blues [C] - key of C
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - medley, larger print
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - medley
Somewhere Over the Rainbow & What a Wonderful World - p 40, landscape
Streets Of Laredo 2 - Kate
Streets Of Laredo
Sway - Am
Sweet Caroline x
Sweet Caroline y1 - more choreography
Tennessee Waltz
Tennessee Waltz - 3 verses
Tiny Bubbles - p237
Tiny Bubbles [F]
Today 2 - clearer print
Twenty Six Miles C - bolder print
Twenty Six Miles - same as 26 Miles
Twist And Shout x
Twist and Shout - awkward layout
Ukulele Lady
Ukulele Lady [F]
Under The Boardwalk - p 23
Under The Boardwalk - alt. format
Under The Boardwalk F
Up A Lazy River x
Up A Lazy River y1 - extra choreography
Up A Lazy River
Wagon Wheel - on one page
Wagon Wheel - written by Bob Dylan, popularized by Darius Rucker, formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish
We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy Uke Year
We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy Uke Year - Rev. 2, couple diff chords
Wonderful World (C)
Wonderful World
Yellow Bird 2
Yellow Bird
You Are My Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine (tab)
You Are My Sunshine Sheet Music
You're Just In Love readable
You're Just In Love - bad font
You're Sixteen
You're Sixteen slightly different arrangement
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (2)